Boy 1 blogs about his first morning in Costa Rica

My first morning in Costa Rica 

by Kai 

My first morning in Costa Rica we woke up and heard a noise. It sounded like a mad horse that was as loud as the ferry boat horn, So we looked up and saw some Howler monkeys. They were up in a banyan tree. A banyan tree is a huge tree that has vines hanging  down from its branches. The monkeys were climbing around and screeching. At 8 o’clock we ate breakfast at the small cafe. I could choose from two things, the pancakes or the gallo pinto. I chose the gallo pintos, it is rice and beans. There was also this mango and pineapple lemonade. It was like squeezing the fruit into my mouth! 

The ladies loved Zev. Zev is my baby. There was a patrol dog that guarded us. He wandered all around the grounds looking for trouble.

I can’t believe how warm it is here. The water is like a hot tub. It is either warm, warmer, or burning. Tomorrow I plan to surfing. I think I am going to like it in Costa Rica, but I miss my friends. 

Here’s a video we took of a big troupe of Howler Monkeys we saw this morning:



4 thoughts on “Boy 1 blogs about his first morning in Costa Rica

  1. Kineo Sommers says:

    I really like the monkey video. I wish that I was down there to!
    Did you pick any mangos or coconuts?
    What is the temperature of the water?
    Do you like it in Costa Rico?
    Your blogs are really interesting! are you going to write any more?
    Are you having fun surfing?

    Liked by 1 person

    • tinybubbles2 says:

      Thanks for putting a message on the blog. it is not mango season yet, but I have got a lot of coconuts. I like it here, but not as much as Great Diamond. I do love surfing and I think you would like it too. The water temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
      I miss you!


  2. Tracy Sommers says:

    What??? 80 degree water???? I’m there tomorrow!

    We are awaiting to know where you will end up in your home. After viewing your fishy animal video, I think any beach looks like a rental, I mean heaven! Hope the stress of finding a home has lessened! Rooting for your success! And MiSS you all terribly!


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