Bienvenidos Meme!! by Boy 1 and Boy 2

Meme Arrives! by Boy 1

Our Meme came to Costa Rica! She flew to San Jose and then she had to come all the way to Cahuita where we are staying. She took a van here. We thought she was coming tomorrow, but then she called us and said she will arrive this afternoon! We went to the beach, but we saw a tourist shuttle drive by so we went running home. She was already at our Cabina. We are so happy she is here. 


Meme arrives to Our Cabina at Caribe Luna!


Meme’s visit by boy 2


Our Meme is here and she is going to stay for Christmas! It is so great having Meme here because she reads books to us, she takes me shopping and out to breakfast and she buys chicken! I like that she sleeps in our room. We have a bunk bed and she has her own bed in our room. We open a lot of coco pipas for her, so she likes it here too. I wish she was staying forever! 


Meme and me on the bus to the Jaguar Rescue Center




Meme and me out to breakfast




Meme and her monkeys!


She takes us out to eat! It’s a treat to have Meme here!



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