I love sloths by Boy 2

I love sloths. They are so cute and I like how they climb around in trees and how fuzzy their fur is. Do you know what sloth is in Spanish? It is perezoso! It means lazy in Spanish, but I don’t think Sloths are lazy. We are staying in Cauhita, Costa Rica and a I get to see lots of sloths. I see them move a lot and my Meme even saw one cross the road! 

I made a documentary for you to learn more about sloths. I think you will love them too!


2 thoughts on “I love sloths by Boy 2

  1. CherriMomma says:

    I learned new things about sloths from your documentary, Cove! You spoke very clearly and took your time to explain sloth facts. Thanks! Love CherriMomma


  2. Rachel Cole says:

    Thanks for teaching us about sloths, Cove! Your sloth is really cute. We like how you made it hang from the tree.

    -William, Annabelle, Rachel and John


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