Ometepe Island a great place to turn Dos Años

 Ometepe–Oh My! So, if you have to turn two, you might as well do it on an island in the middle of Lake Nicaraugua with two volcanoes, right? I mean if you had the choice? Which technically boy 3 didn’t, but he went along with it anyway and turned two in serious Ometepe style! But more on that later! First we had to get to the island and that meant a mini bus and a ferry ride. Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes, Concepión, which is active and Maderas, which is dormant. 

Boy 123 waiting for the ferry in their matching Nica soccer jerseys. Dress to impress, people.


Ometepe Ferry. We rode the larger Car ferry. The boys thought we were going to Peaks Island 😉

Safety first, people.  

When Josh came up deck and saw us stylin our orange vests, he immediately decided it was time for a family photo. Yep, see my hand? He almost went swimming.


Volcanoes everywhere. Landing on Ometepe (notice he’s dry, I deserve a patient wife award)

 We stayed at a small,  family run hotel called Hotel Nathalie in a village outside the main port town of Myogalpa. We ate our meals in the families’ outdoor dining room and shared most of our meals with the families three children, Franklin (11), Benjamin (9), Natahalie (7). We arrived the day before Halloween and although Nicaurauga doesn’t technically celebrate Halloween, we decided to have our mini-fiesta anyway. We handed out mustaches for costumes  

and then Franklin unearthed a kit of face tattoos he had.

Our new friends learning about Halloween traditions


Boy2 was the only volunteer to test those out and I, as his mother made the executive decision that tattoos will never again be applied to the face. It took two weeks of looking at dirty, diseased face before I was able to completely claw scrub them off.  

Cove getting his (semi-permament) 😩face tattoos

What even is this? We never found out, but we did have to look at it for weeks after. 

We introduced them to one of our favorite games, Ghosts in the Graveyards or Fantasmas en el cementerio here. Then we did a little mini trick or treating candy hunt. Those who know me well will be surprised to hear that I handed out actual, kid approved, dentist discouraged, dye and corn syrup laden lollipops. Not a pencil or sticker in sight (this year). Did you hear that Eliza Jean Jellybean?! I finally made it off the lame list. I expect a certificate in the mail. 

Anyhoo, we still had this turning two business to deal with. And deal with it we did. Well, okay I bought a cake and was going to call it good, but the sweet family of Nathalie Hotel totally one-upped me and provided a piñata and lots of frighteningly colored candies to go with it and even some presents. Fiesta!

I “mustache” you if I look like the kinda guy who turns two everyday?

Cake and fire! My favorite!

Ok so the Cake was a little melty, but we had to hike 3 kilometers  into to town to the one bakery and then hike it back on top of the stroller in the one box the bakery could find–an empty diaper box. It was 90 degrees and we had to walk barefoot in the snow. It’s a Miracle it made it. And the best part about two year olds is they don’t care.” Just let me put my face in it”

The fiesta wasn’t complete without a broken piece of  pipe and a piñata

Apparently the piñata tradition is different in Nicarauga as they looked at us like we were a little off in the head when we tried to blind fold the children. Instead you just put on some mariachi music and dance while you politely take turns violently beating the piñata with a broken pipe. So much more civilized, but it really kills the excitement of which adult is going to get a good whap and gain a whole octave in their singing voice. Olé!

The school playground. Also, I don’t think this picture ended well.

Our little family hotel  was also right next to the village school and playground. We took lots of trips over to play and the older boys got to join in with school recess several days while we were there. 


An Ometepe buddy


And then there were volcanoes. We did not hike any of the vocanoes, but we sure did enjoy the constant views. The volcanoes were steep and our baby is A GIANT. See all those pictures of Josh wearing the fancy baby hiking   backpack– with NO baby in it? That is because he weighs a gabillion, zillion trillion pounds. Also, please note who is carrying him. Jus sayin….. 

On a hike to a nearby reserve. Volcan Concepción in the background

Thanks Ometepe. A great island to turn two, and make some new friends.


Hasta luego



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