Let’s make REAL chocolate! A video tutorial with boy 123


Fermented and roasted beans

 *pictures from the Museo de Chocolate, Granada.

If you’ve done your blog homework then you know that while we were in Nicaraugua, we got to learn to make real, no extra junk, straight up, CHOCOLATE!!  

Well, guess what chocolate nuts?! We rented our cute little house here in Cauhita town with part of an old cacao plantation right in the yard! Score! Boy3 is a huge fan of eating raw cacao seeds right from the pod — he has no time for chocolate making — he likes it straight up and begins many a morning by telling us he is going on a “cow hunt”. This means he will be heading out to look for ripe cacao pods. He then marches back triumphantly to the cabina to pester Boy 1 to open it with his machete. Then he sucks down the sweet mucilage and bean whole. That boy takes his antioxidants seriously. 

Boy 3 with his eyes on the prize! Successful “cow hunt!”

Enjoying the raw cacao beans.

So yum!

 The rest of us like our chocolate a little more processed. 

So, we decided to make our own chocolate  (no easy task when a little minion was constantly scarfing down our main ingredient) 

However we prevailed, and we made a video so you can learn to make chocolate too! Aren’t we the sweetest? after finishing the process we now understand why chocolate is expensive. 

And why we won’t be opening the chocolate factory for online orders anytime soon. 

It’s hard work.  

We won’t share our chocolate, but we will share our movie: enjoy!



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