Cauhita ❤️a perfect little Pueblo

Cauhita So Sweeeetah!!


Most of you, our loyal fans, ok just kidding, our parents and other poor suckers that our parents talked into reading this blog, know that we have been chillin like villains for the past 5 months in a little town called Cauhita. 

Cauhita is on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and has a beautiful National Park.

stop right here and practice with me. Cow-Wheat-Ahh. Don’t sound like a dweeb (and by “dweeb” I mean us) and say Cah-heat-uh.  

Nope. It’s cow, like the animal, wheat, like the plant and Ahhh, like well, ahh. 

Now when you come to visit us, you will sound so cool, and people won’t look at you like you’re from another planet (speaking from experience here). Speaking of visitors, we’ve had Meme, twice. She grew to love Cauhita as much as us, and in March Pop pop came. 

Poor Pop Pop never did get it, despite repeated Tutorials over FaceTime. Nevertheless, he persisted 😉 on pronouncing it Cow-heat-uh. But the local shuttle driver took pity on him and he made it all the way here for a fun filled visit! More on that later!


Cauhita has so much that we love. Unlimited coconuts, a plethora of wildlife and friendly locals. We are renting a small house walking/biking distance to everything. We have fruit trees galore and neighbor kids to play with. Boy 1 and 2 are attending the local, public elementary school and improving daily in their Spanish.

Here is a short video The Mister put together of our school experience:



I mentioned before about all the fruit trees around our house, we have plaintains, bananas, oranges, star fruit, mango and cacao fruit (did you know chcolate was a fruit?! Told you it was healthy!). But for other food needs we have some nice local shops and our local veggie/fruit truck and egg truck!  

Thanks to the Mister who has has been getting pretty crafty, and made this clever little video of grocery shopping, Cauhita style.

This past week was Semana Santa, a big holiday here in Latin America. Boy 1 and 2 had a whole week off of school, which for normal kids, would mean they were doing the happy, happy dance, but our weirdos were totally bummed and did the mopey, mopey dance. 

We celebrated Easter by coloring rocks and having Easter rock hunts with the neighbor girls, and as a first for us, we set a goal to have a zero waste Easter. We made (and by “we” I mean the mister) palm frond baskets and then we sent a serious ultimatum to the Easter Bunny, asking for no plastic or waste in our baskets, or else! And he complied! Total zero waste, zero melt down Easter. Okay, the zero melt down was a lie, but there were zero uncontrollable, “I didn’t get enough crap” crying fits. Total win! 

This was a small step in our larger quest to be greener, cleaner, less wasteful adventurers! 

More on that later! 

Here is some pre-Easter prep pics:


Palm frond fashions “savage is the new black”


 And here is our master weaver at work

The talented Palm frond basket weaver at work

  And the early (so, so early 😩) Easter Basket reveal with boy 123 and two very tired parents.

Messyhairdontcare Easter morning!



And because I’m nice here is some footage of a zombie apocalypse Pop pop’s visit. He really, really, enjoyed body surfing.



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