What It’s Like to Go to School in Costa Rica


Our time here is winding down quickly. Next week we will leave our little beach town of Cahuita, and travel by rental car back up to the mountains of Monteverde to see Josh’s Aunt Lucky. Then it will be time to head back to Maine and our sailboat. The boys will have the hard task of saying goodbye to their classmates and teachers next week. They have been going to the Cahuita Escuela Excelencia primary school for 4 months now, and they loved every minute of it — but don’t take it from me, the boys will tell you more below! 

Boy 1 is 9 yrs. old, and attending 3rd grade. He say’s, “Everyone is so nice in my class, I wish we had some bullies, like in Harry Potter.” On learning Spanish, “At first I had to just watch the other kids and do what they did, but now I get it.”

Boy 2 is 6 yrs. old, and in Kindergarten. “I really like the lunch and I figured out a trick to get seconds, you just say, MU RICOCHET! to the lunch ladies, and they fill your bowl to the brim!” On making friends at school, “They really like to touch my hair, but they are nice, so I let them.” 

Boy 3 is 2 yrs. old, and briefly attended the public nursery school (oh so briefly, as in Mama had to come with him and “volunteer” or else he would protest. He got an A+ for volume and persistence and an F- for playing nicely, and giving his parents break time. His surf skills are on par though, so there is that 😃 

The grades correlate with their grade levels in the states.

Before we traveled here the boys attended a one-room schoolhouse on Cliff Island in Maine — and um, cough, cough, had the best teachers in the whole, wide world…  They have some awesome teachers here too, that they love. 

The Costa Rican school year goes from Feb. until Dec. 

So, want to know more about what it is like to go to public school in Costa Rica? 

We asked all our island friends far and wide for some questions about school here.

They had some great ones, and the boys made a little blog to answer them #boy 2 even shares a few things you didn’t want to know! 🙊🙉🙈) 

Let us know if you have more ❓ in the comments 📝 


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