Meet boy 123 and the mister and me

Boy 1 


Just had his 9th birthday, loves raw fish on the dock (preferably still moving) and climbing anything. 

Boy 2

Cove Henry 

About to have his 6th birthday. Gulp.

Loves to snuggle, be in the water, and Snuggle Love his baby manatee, Dog Dog his stuffed retriever and Baby Vomit his other stuffed retriever, apples and nummy nuts (almonds)

Boy 3 

Zev a.k.a Heavy Zevy a.k.a baby Fang

Loves food. And causing destructions. And food. Did I mention Food?


The Mister

a.k.a Dada a.k.a Josh

Loves his family, adventure, and coconuts. In that order.


a.k.a the Mama a.k.a Heidi a.k.a the galley slave

Loves her family, surfing and adventure. She does not take selfies, but she should or no one will know she came on these adventures.



4 thoughts on “Meet boy 123 and the mister and me

  1. teamspanders says:

    Thanks for you blog! It is helping us plan our second lag of our 6 month travel adventure. We are travelling to Costa Rica in about a week and I’m starting to get a little scared with the price of accommodations (family of four). We have been living on $100 US a day in SE Asia. Do you have any advice with regards to accommodations in Costa Rica . Also could you recommend your top destinations in CR that you really found family friendly. My husband and I have both been to CR 10 years ago but as you know things change. We are starting in CR and then planning to head North to Nicaragua, Guatemala and hopefully Belize. Thanks in advance.


    • tinybubbles2 says:

      Hey guys!
      Thanks for reaching out and the great question. We actually made a blog post about it, since we felt it was a question a lot of people might have and one we had talked about a lot too.
      Your trip sounds great and we would love to follow along. Do you have a blog?


      • teamspanders says:

        Thanks for the post. Yes you can follow us at . I read that your also using a water filter on your travels. We have the Grayl system and love not having to rely on bottle water and feeling guilty about all the plastic. Thanks again for your post. Safe and happy travels.

        Liked by 1 person

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